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The Dark Side of Chocolate

You want something sweet but you are trying to heal and be healthy. So instead of chocolate ice cream you grab a few pieces of dark chocolate. You even picked an organic brand. But what you don't know could harm you. Dark chocolate has a dark side.

A common phrase in functional medicine is "don't guess, test" and this is why we use multiple forms of testing to ensure that we are on the right path of healing for each client and patient. ConsumerReports did just that on many brands of dark chocolate to measure heavy metals. Some of the brands would surprise you! Multiple, organic, sustainable companies had very high levels of cadmium and lead. This is why it can be invaluable to work with a guide on this healing journey.

Brands High in Cadmium

  • Beyond Good

  • Equal Exchange

  • Lindt

  • Scharffen Berger

  • Alter Eco

  • Dove

  • Pascha

Brands High in Lead

  • Tony's

  • Lily's

  • Godiva

  • Chocolove

  • Lindt

  • Endangered Species

  • Hu

  • Trader Joe's

  • Hersheys

Brands High in Both Lead and Cadmium

  • Lily's

  • Trader Joe's

  • Theo

  • Green and Black's

Safer Options

  • Mast

  • Taza Chocolate

  • Ghirardelli

  • Valrhona

When you are wanting some chocolate, something sweet, choose brands from the safe list. Oddly enough, it seems to be better to choose lower percentage chocolates. If you are dealing with heavy metal issues, or seem to be reacting to chocolate, this may be the culprit! If you need help in these areas or want to look into heavy metal testing, reach out today.

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