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Dr. Koji Aoki - Dr. Martin Hart - Keystone Total Health - Columbia, TN- Lyme Disease, Mold Illness, Functional Medicine

Our Keystone Intensives are all-inclusive custom protocols to jumpstart your healing journey. These treatments tailor the kind of personalized therapies and labs you need to work through your personal health challenges. Dr. Aoki and Dr. Hart will use an integrative, investigative approach to provide our patients with the highest quality of focused care and get them on a long awaited path to recovery.

Intensive Treatments:

Focused on the Help You Need

Throwing Darts at your Symptoms? No More.

If you’ve been surviving and not thriving… are tired of feeling hopeful but not well… have fought the same symptoms for months, years or possibly even decades, then prepare for Keystone Intensives to finally restore your health and your "feel good" future.

Our Keystone Intensives are super customized treatment protocols designs to jumpstart the most complicated of health and wellness cases.

Armed with individualized therapies and labs that we tailor just for you, Dr. Aoki, Dr. Hart, and our team will get to the root of your problems. We work together with you to finally identify the malfunctioning physical, chemical, psychological and environmental conditions that have prevented your good health, then we define the health plan for you to achieve that elusive path to wellness.

"Keystone Total Health has made a life changing difference for me...  I am not constantly having to use my rescue inhaler and I am completely off my daily maintenance inhaler.  I have been able to scale way back my depression and anxiety medication.  I have learned that chronic asthma over time leads to anxiety and depression which was a contributing factor.  They do not just treat the symptoms, but have gone to the root cause and have given me the tools to continue a better path for the future."

How Keystone Intensives Work

Our Intensive program offers a holistic approach to alternative healthcare, with a focus on personalized attention and premium quality therapies. You will spend about one hour a day, Monday-Thursday with your doctor, and approximately 3-5 hours each day Monday-Friday completing your doctors recommended therapy schedule. Your doctor will focus on rebuilding your wellness master plan, first by investigating your unique health issues one by one, then prioritizing their treatments in the order your body needs. 

We will focus on things like detoxification, diet, immune system issues and infections that are affecting you (parasites, mold, lyme, etc), hormone issues, neurotransmitters for your brain, brain retraining, and structural work. Each of our doctors use a multi-disciplinary approach for treatment plans, which we will prescribe as variant protocols depending on the severity of your case.

This program includes a daily appointment with your doctor - Monday through Thursday, and five days of targeted therapies, which may include:

  • Computer Regulated Thermography

  • Therapeutic massages

  • Infrared sauna sessions

  • Detox ionic foot baths

  • Neurofeedback

  • Cold laser therapy

  • E-Stim therapy

  • Red light therapy

Certain patients may also benefit from the restorative impact of these additional treatments, which we consider on a case by case basis: 

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Biofeedback Therapy

Our Intensive Treatments feature inclusive pricing that allows you to focus on healing instead of stumbling over additional costs for each therapy, modality or treatment plan. All of our Intensive Treatments include:

• Our custom lab package

• Computer Regulated Thermography

• All recommended therapies during your stay

• Appointments with your doctor

• Generous credit* on our supplements

I’ve been a patient of Dr Hart’s for seven years and the change in my health during that time is unbelievable. Prior to being a patient, I had been bedridden for nine years. I went from bedridden and out of options in my home country, to being able to study full time, work, exercise, go hiking, travel and even move countries. These are all things I could only dream about before! With the knowledge, support and guidance of Dr Hart, and my dedication to healing, I have regained my health and life!

Prepare for an Entirely Different Approach

Traditional physicians and traditional medical practices have redefined what “going to the doctor” both means and achieves. 

With some practicing physicians cramming as many as seven patient appointments into each hour, you’ve probably been hard pressed to get enough time to tell your story, much less discussed in a strong partnership with your doctor. Chances are, you left with a new or adjusted prescription and few, if any, answers, while your doctor met his insurance quote for the day. 


Keystone Total Health operates very differently…


With our Keystone Intensives Treatment, you will spend a minimum of one full hour talking directly with your Doctor over a 5-day period of discovery, discussion and determinations about what’s happening with your body and the conditions that cause you to go into partial or whole system failures.. 


Together, we’ll explore all the factors that have likely caused your current conditions, then we’ll design a holistic protocol that can resolve these root problems. By finding the root cause solutions for your health in this way, we can reduce and potentially eliminate your prescription medications entirely. 

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From Dr. Hart

“Most of our patients are dealing with complex chronic illnesses, and come to us as medical refugees. These are folks who wander from specialist to specialist, seeking help and hope for their condition. Unfortunately, the help they get prior to us is either disconnected or dismissive. That type of medicine doesn't take the whole person or their entire condition into consideration. 


Sadly, the progress is often slow because no one is addressing the root cause or even worse, the treatment is harmful. This was unacceptable to me. We needed to find a better way to help these people. This is where the Keystone Intensive was born.”

The Keystone Intensive gives us the time and space to address each person and their case individually. Creating personalized therapy programs, nutritional protocols, hands-on treatment, and compassionate care. It allows us to be as gentle or aggressive as needed for each person. During the 1-2 week period, we can focus on the entire person, mind, body, and spirit, without trying to rush around. Intensives cover detoxification, brain retraining, structural issues, immune support, nutritional protocols, and much more. Time and again, the intensive approach has proven to be the best way to work with complex chronic illness, especially for those people who have become medical refugees. 


We think it’s time we started helping you now, too. Learn more with a free call.

Treating the Whole Person

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