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You have your suspicions, your doctor has your diagnosis. Unfortunately, the two don’t agree.

And if you’re like most mold toxicity patients who eventually find Keystone Total Health, you’ve been fighting your own cycle of uncertainties for way too long.   

With the wrong health partner, Mold Toxicity is a meandering and seemingly never ending search for answers. Let's reclaim your wellness together with our root cause approach to health.

Mold Toxicity

Ending the Scavenger Hunt for Your Health

At a Glance: Mold Toxicity


Mold illness or mold toxicity is a subcategory of the biotoxin illness called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).  



Mold itself is a naturally occurring living organism that thrives in warm, damp environments with an adequate fibrous food source. Mold Toxicity involves body wide inflammation  that is triggered by a sensitivity to mold exposure and a dysregulated immune system.



Common affectations include brain fog, chronic sinusitis, increased allergies, chronic fatigue, chronic nose bleeds, gut issues like constipation and IBS, and a host of inflammatory response conditions including heart disease, low immune/autoimmune issues and dementia. We’ve also seen seizures and other neurological issues in mold patients.


What Western medicine gets wrong:        

Traditional medical providers usually chase symptoms, not root cause concerns such as mold toxicity so patients often experience a merry-go-round of mistreatments. Their symptoms are often individualized into different diagnoses. Many traditional medical professionals simply do not have formal education, training or experience to identify, diagnose or understand the intricacies from mold toxicity.

“I have seen countless doctors, and tried just about every treatment. Nothing has helped like the treatment Dr. Aoki is providing. After just a couple of weeks, I am already starting to notice a difference. I used to think what I have is too complicated for any doctor to figure out, but he has given me hope again.”

Unraveling the Mysteries of Mold Toxicity

Our job (actually, our passion) is to look deeper when other medical providers fail with mysterious, complex chronic illnesses. When standard lab tests like CBCs, CMPs, or hormone panels “are all normal,” and you are told that “we just need to manage your anxiety,” we examine other environmental exposures like mold, biotoxins and mycotoxins that may be impacting the body, especially in the immune and central nervous systems.


Many of the more mysterious Mold Toxicity ailments fall into a category called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). This syndrome, well documented to be caused by biotoxins such as Lyme disease and mold exposure, often ties together the many disparate symptoms these complex patients cases can have:


Shortness of breath  •  Chronic cough  •  Muscle aches  •  Chills  •  Fever  •  Night sweats  •  Profound fatigue  • Allergies  •  Inflammation  •  Poor Concentration  •  Flu-like symptoms  •  Body aches  •  Pain syndromes  •  Low endorphins  •  Hormone imbalances  •  GI issues/IBS  •  Sleep disturbances  •  Dehydration  •  Static shocks  •  Chronic sinus infections (especially staph)  •  Gluten sensitivity  •  Chronic fatigue syndrome  •  Poor circulation  •  Skin rashes  •  Hives  •  Autoimmune markers in blood  •  Changes in Vision  •  Weight changes  •  Muscle cramps  •  Chemical sensitivities  •  Nose bleeds  •  Skin pigmentation/sun sensitivity •  Anxiety  •  Depression


To the inexperienced traditional medical provider, that’s almost three dozen unique medical directions. You know insurance companies love this hunt and peck uncertainty!

Isn't it Time Someone Figured You Out?

Is it even possible to stop all your fatigue and pain? We're here with a resounding "YES!"  Stop submitting to the energy drain from sore joints, muscles and body aches. Stop wondering if all of this is leading to something worse.  Let's resolve all this uncertainty and doubt.

We know all this can be a challenge by yourself so we're offering a Complimentary Screening Call to EVERYone we can help on their journey back to health. It's time to restore your wellness, confidence, energy and belief in yourself. It's your time to feel great again. 

Let's Resolve This Once and For All

Book a preliminary discovery call. On this call, we assess the likelihood that Mold Toxicity or CIRS may be the source of your health struggles.

During your initial office visit, we begin to deconstruct your multi-layered health problems with a thorough examination of physical and environmental conditions.

We work together to identify the total impact of your symptoms and suffering through appropriate lab work.

We implement a wise and thorough protocol to address the mold toxicity issues that have hijacked your health.

Do you have concerns or suspicions about mold exposure? 

Have you suffered mystery illnesses for lengthy periods, even years? 

Biotoxins are poisonous substances produced by living organisms. They can come from many sources such as fungus, Borrelia species (Lyme Disease), algae, as well as organic growth found in water damaged buildings. Once they have been introduced into the body, the immune system and detoxification pathways begin trying to clear them quickly. But with a large enough exposure, poor enough health, or genetic susceptibility, these body systems quickly get overwhelmed and produce a predictable inflammatory event. 


These biotoxins bind to nearly every type of cell, creating a cytokine event affecting nerve function. In response to these biotoxins, our immune system releases high levels of TGF beta-1, complement proteins, and MMP-9 (releasing more inflammation). High amounts of these inflammatory compounds affect brain receptors (leptin) that maintain healthy weight and appetite. Suddenly balancing your weight and food cravings seems more difficult than ever. 


With leptin resistance comes a decrease in melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP). These negatively impacts skin, sleep, sex hormones, endorphins, immune suppression, pain regulation, inflammation, leaky gut, and much more. This process makes those afflicted miserable. This long term inflammation leads to a higher incidence of cardiovascular illnesses and certain brain related diseases.

See now how easily your health spiraled out of control?

The Impact of Biotoxins on Your Health

From Dr. Aoki

My patients choose me because I’m committed to their journey. I am driven to continue to learn and grow so that you have the best care possible. I’m ready to face any obstacle alongside my patients and I will never give up on you.”


— Dr. Koji Aoki, Keystone Total Health

Dr. Aoki is a respected Mold Toxicity specialist with a dedicated patient base of those suffering or those who have suffered from mold toxicity conditions. Such a focused caseload enables Dr. Aoki to curate the most complex mold toxicity cases to more quickly and accurately prescribe beneficial protocols to help restore your health and wellness after mold exposure.

In advance of your complimentary discovery call, we invite you to complete this Keystone questionnaire on your current Mold Toxicity symptoms and condition. This will help us move efficiently on our screening call and determine if we're the right healthcare provider for you. 

How Do You Measure Up?

FREE Crista Mold Questionnaire

Let's Find Out What's Wrong with You

The good news is these jeopardized biotoxin pathways leave inflammatory markers that we can measure via laboratory tests. Depending on your affectations, we may conduct any of the following tests to diagnose your condition:


  • Urine Mycotoxins: Measures the amount of mold toxins in a person’s urine. Often helpful to do deep tissue massage before testing to ensure adequate drainage.

  • Organic Acids Test: A urine test which measures the metabolites associated with some of the effects of biotoxin illness.

  • Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) Testing: An online test used to measure the effect of biotoxins on the nervous system and monitor treatment.

  • HLA DR Genetic Testing (HLA DR1,3,4,5, DQ): genetic testing for mold susceptibility.

  • Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide (VIP): neuroregulatory hormone for inflammation, digestion, and lung function, among other pathways. 

  • Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH): regulates hormones, endorphins, and sleep cycles. Important for neuroregulation and the immune response.

  • Transforming Growth Factor Beta-1 (TGF Beta-1): Regulates the innate immune system, controls growth of cells, cell movement, and cell death. Can cause lungs to “remodel” or change to become more reactive.

  • Complete C3a and C4a: Inflammation marker for the innate immune system.

  • Anti-Gliadin Antibodies (IgA/IgG): Produced in response to gluten, such as wheat, barley, or rye.

  • ACTH/Cortisol: Signaling and steroid hormones that are produced in response to stress.

  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF): new blood vessel formation and growth, and healthy blood flow to the capillary beds. 

  • Autoantibodies IgA/IgG/IgM (anticardiolipins and antiphospholipids): Parts of the immune system that attack our own cells/tissues. 

  • Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH)/Osmolarity: Also known as vasopressin, controls the amount of water the body keeps or releases. 

  • Matrix Metallopeptidase-9 (MMP-9): enzyme that breaks down the extracellular matrix. Plays a role in COPD, RA, cardiovascular disease, and other tissue breakdown processes.

  • Leptin: Regulates how the body holds fatty acids. 

From Dr. Aoki

““My patients who have Mold Toxicity (CIRS) have been told that all their symptoms are in their head. By using a holistic lens, I recognize the interconnectedness of their symptoms. Rather than other physicians who quiet your body’s signals, I aim to understand their meaning and what the body is saying. I am committed to your case, meaning I will be with you every step of the way on your healing journey addressing challenges head on and together.”


— Dr. Koji Aoki, Keystone Total Health

One Bad Diagnosis Can Bring Years of Struggle 

The fact is, mold toxicity is hard on the body. It commonly affects the pituitary gland and decreases hormone production, which in turn dysregulates the brain until anxiety, depression, and mood disorders often emerge. The impacts can also affect kidney function, causing people to urinate a lot, lose fluids and electrolytes, feel chronically thirsty — and all that can bring on fatigue, joint and muscle aches, and chronic imbalance. 

Mycotoxins will shut down the detox pathways of your cells, and eventually you’ll struggle to ward off the effects of herbicides, pesticides, dyes, industrial metals, food preservatives and other “common” toxins many of us encounter in the course of a normal day. 

Stop losing yourself and start enjoying the best life you’re supposed to.


Keystone Total Health is a holistic health center that believes in treating the whole person, not just their symptoms. We offer a wide variety of alternative medicine modalities such as functional medicine, Biological Medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, kinesiology, chiropractic, and massage therapy to help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

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