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The Body is Electric!! Are Your Batteries Drained?

Ever walk on carpet in your socks and then shock someone? Has your doctor ever done a brain scan or EKG on your heart? All of these are examples of electricty in the body. When we look deeply at how we are designed, we find out that the body is ELECTRIC.

Many of the signals, communication, energetics, and even the nervous system all run off of electro-magnetic processes. The battery packs that store and create this electric energy are cells. The body was designed to organize these systems into electrical-energetic circuits, like in your house. These circuits contain a chain of organs/glands-muscles-meridians-teeth.

Blowing a Fuse

When working properly, energy and information flow through these circuits, being powered by our cells acting as batteries. But when the batteries run out of energy or the fuse is blown in the circuit, then problems begin to creep up. Our body's were designed beautifully and intelligently, so a blown fuse will not shut down the entire circuit like it will in your house or car. But it will greatly weaken the organs, muscles, meridians, and teeth in that chain and decrease functioning, eventually leading to disease.

Common causes that "blow the fuse:"

  • Chronic infections like Lyme Disease

  • Dental infections, fillings, implants

  • Scars

  • Heavy metals

  • Mold toxicity

  • Inflammation

  • Toxins

  • Pesticides/herbicides

  • Not enough nutrients or energy

What's your pH? --Making Energy

To power your circuits your cellular batteries and their mitochondria need to be pumping out energy. The major way we do that is to use oxygen to generate ATP (energy) in our mitochondria. If our oxygen levels are too low we get acidic. That means low energy. It doesn't matter how fast your car is if it's out of gas, it's the same with our bodies. No energy, no life.

You can order pH strips and test your urine, blood, and saliva pH. Each will be a little different but in general you want them close to 7-neutral. Too high or too low is an issue. But it's okay for your urine to be slightly acidic (lower than 7) because that keeps things clean down there. Fruits, vegetables, and mineral water all help to raise a low pH.

Stealing Energy

Some things can literally steal energy in the form of electrons from our circuits and cellular batteries. Electrons help to carry electricity and are vital for making energy in our cells. There are electron-stealers that rob energy from surrounding cells and tissues, depleting the batteries and disrupting the circuits.

  • Excess free radicals

  • Surgical implants

  • Scars

  • Localized infections (Like a dental infection or skin infection)

There are ways to treat scars and help the body accept surgical implants that reduce the rate of electron loss and help restore energy to those circuits. This is often a vital part of a recovery plan that is easily overlooked. Massage and acupuncture are two easy ways to start working on scars. And just so you know, that nagging cavity you are ignoring, it's robbing your of your vital energy.

What To Do Next?

It comes down to this-any dysfunction, disease, or chronic illness is related to a blown fuse somewhere in the body. The key is figuring out which fuses are blown, why did they blow out, and then clean up the mess. You can start with the recommendations listed above. When you are ready to recharge your batteries and re-energize your body circuits, let me know, I'll be happy to help!

*Not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure medical illness. Informational purposes only.

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