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Guiding You on Your Unique Path to Healing

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Have you ever been to the doctor’s office, and after tests and clinical exams, still had no idea why you were sick? It is devastating when even professionals don’t have answers, so I have never wanted to be that doctor! This may stem from my own childhood perfectionism, but I have always wanted to be the best at whatever I do. Thus, when a case is difficult, it drives me to learn more and more. This desire to find answers even to complex problems is how I came to specialize in mold illness.

My Path to Treating Mold Illness

Before it became evident that mold was silently wreaking havoc on my patients’ lives, Lyme disea and other complex chronic illnesses were the focus of our clinic. When a new patient would come in, they would go through an extensive evaluation to find out exactly what was at the root of their issues and then go through a customized program to support their healing. Most cases that came through our doors did amazingly well, but there was a small population who wouldn’t see progress nearly as quickly. Sometimes what would happen to these folks is that they did really well at first, and then would later crash when they went home. Since any good detective would then assume it was something in the patients’ houses causing the return of symptoms, we started to test more and more people’s homes for environmental triggers. Test results confirmed that mold was the common culprit.

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