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Do you react to everything? Do you have increased anxiety, pain, brain fog, neurological symptoms? Does every detox attempt go poorly? You may be too inflamed to detox. Specifically, you may have neuro-inflammation.

When the detoxification pathways in the gut, liver, and kidneys get backed up, the brain becomes the next zone for toxic accumulation. This especially occurs when the blood-brain barrier gets leaky. Add that to possible neuro-infections, oxidative stress, heavy metal toxicities, glutamate issues and you end up with neuro-inflammation.

When neuro-inflammation occurs limbic system over activation is common. This is when our brain is constantly searching for and marking things as threats to our system. It is a constant state of high alert, often fueled by too much glutamate, making our brains excitotoxic. We become stuck in fight or flight, often we can barely sleep, we are highly reactive to everything. The brain and its astrocytes can often swell in the presence of increase ammonia.

At this stage you need to know how to navigate the detoxification minefield. There is a certain progression to follow and it needs to be personalized for you. So when you begin a detox protocol, you need to be looking at neuro-inflammation, lymphatic channels, drainage pathways, phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification, cellular transport proteins, and more.

If you are struggling with neurological symptoms, if you know you need to detox but don't know where to start please contact us, we want to help you find optimum health.

In health,

Martin C. Hart, NASM-CES

Chiropractic Physician

This is not intended to diagnose or treat any conditions. Informational purposes only.

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