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As many of my patients may know, digestive issues were a chronic complaint for me in the past. I grew up on the Standard American Diet, was constantly on antibiotics, scarfed down my meals, which all led to a constant state of digestive distress.

I would like to share three easy tips that you can start right now to improve your digestion.

1) Chew your food into oblivion.

This accomplishes many things all at once. It makes the food more digestible for your gut. It signals your stomach acid and digestive enzymes to be released. It creates a sense of mindfulness around food and meals.

Regardless of how or why, chewing your food into an almost liquid state seems to vastly improve digestion.

2) Fasting

The first time I tried fasting, my mental clarity improved so dramatically I was astounded. I owe my wife for helping me to decide to try it. Fasts of 18-72 hours can greatly improve your digestive tract. It gives the tract a chance to recover and clean it self out. It allows the gut bacteria to do a bit of tidying up. You also "starve" any problematic bacteria, yeast, or parasites.

3) Ditching Offending Foods

"You bloat, you lose." I heard this at a functional medicine conference. But this bit of simple wisdom escapes so many of us in modern society. Listen, if it makes you bloat, gives you gas, constipation, loose stools, indigestion, or acid reflux just don't eat it. Find an alternative.

These three tips alone have greatly improved my digestion. Have they helped you at all? Comment below.

Martin C. Hart, DC, NASM-CES

Chiropractic Physician

This is not intended to diagnose or treat any conditions. Informational purposes only.

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