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Kim F.

There are medical professionals, and then there’s Dr. Hart. To truly appreciate the level of care – and healing – you can achieve with Dr. Hart, you first have to truly understand what’s wrong with the allopathic medicine model.

For 17 years I was treated for symptoms only, one at a time, so gradually that I barely noticed that I went from a high-level athlete with a promising future... to barely functional, tired, depressed, and generally unwell. 17 years of pills, fruitless lab tests, and being told it’s “probably in my head – get some exercise!”


After having my daughter, and not recovering from the difficult pregnancy, I finally demanded answers and didn’t stop until I had them. I visited naturopaths, functional medicine MD’s, etc. and eventually ended up with a Lyme diagnosis – and no idea where to start treatment. I did 14 months of many antibiotics pulsed, tried experimental treatments, acupuncture, just about everything. My health was failing, and I was miserable.


At a truly rock-bottom moment, I found Dr. Hart, and figured I had nothing to lose so what’s another set of eyes? Maybe he had some solutions. He did.


Little by little, he uncovered my deepest dysfunctions from my immune system down to my hormones, and within months I had my life back. It hasn’t been perfect, and it has required dedication on my part... I still have some “off days” but I’m living, mostly symptom-free. Every indicator of health has gradually been restored as well since I started seeing Dr. Hart. I’m sleeping, my skin is clear, I have more energy, no gastric issues whatsoever, and my body pain has improved greatly. I’m working again after years of being unable to, my house is clean, my kid has attention and is cared for. I ski, hike, work out when I want to. I cook, I am able to vacation again.


I can’t thank Dr. Hart enough for restoring my quality of life. My entire family is grateful to him for giving them “me” back. You truly don’t realize how far you’ve come until you start thinking about what your past looked like, and I hope to never be without Dr. Hart.

Georgia E.

I have been a patient of Dr Hart’s for the past 5 years. When I met Dr Hart, I had been bedridden for 9 years, Australian Doctors had exhausted all options and was told I had months left to live. I was suffering with Chronic Lyme Disease, Mold illness, Endometriosis, Depression, Anxiety, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, among other illnesses. I was essentially disabled and unable to complete simple daily tasks. 

Dr Hart has used his amazing knowledge, wisdom, treatments, and integrative approach to help my body to heal. As a result, I have seen significant improvements in my physical, emotional and mental health. Dr. Hart provides amazing support and a team approach, helping to guide you to better health and through any setbacks that might arise. Providing the body, mind, and spirit what it needs to work towards optimum health. 

Thanks to Dr Hart, I am in remission of Lyme Disease and the above illnesses. I am now working, studying at university, created a small business, exercising, driving, and getting to live my life and create a future. I can not recommend Dr. Hart more highly. Being a patient of his has been life saving and life changing. 

Taylor S.

Dr. Hart is by far one of my favorite doctors that I’ve worked with. And after dealing with chronic illness for over a decade, I’ve worked with quite a lot! He really takes the time to listen to his patients and makes them feel seen and understood. This is huge for people with medical trauma who have gotten used to being dismissed by so many medical providers. 


I always looked forward to our appointments and learned a lot from him. He’s practical and understands that a healing regimen is important but finds a way to make it realistically work with a modern social schedule and without it being overly strict or stressful. I never felt overwhelmed with his protocols. 


His bedside manner is also fantastic and I always enjoyed our short side conversations but never felt like they took away from our appointment time. He is incredibly intelligent and a great multitasker so he can easily engage in conversation while creating a protocol or analyzing symptoms. I wish I lived closer to him so I could work with him more often! If you have the opportunity to work with Dr. Hart: do it. He’s a special healer and a gem in the chaotic world of chronic illness.

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