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Fulvic Sludge Tub



Sludge. Sounds disgusting, right? 

The good news is, it's not! In fact, this humic and fulvic acid blend was created by Matt (Founder of Farmacy) to have a professional practitioner option that was so clean it didn't have an awful taste. As a result, it has almost no taste at all, unlike most other humic and fulvic powders.

The name, though? Matt's kids did not want to drink it when they saw the color... "It looks like SLUDGE!" Hey, now that's catchy; let's run with it!

By the way, this is the best binder for kids, tasteless in juice with systemic binding capability while increasing absorption of nutrients in GI tracts.

You can add this to your coffee, water, or juice without the taste affecting you at all. You won't put it off ("I'll drink it later") because you won't even know it's there. Your body will thank you. 

Sludge is the first of its kind, a 100% pure toxin-binding powerhouse that does not come with a slew of problems that can make your health issues worse.


Only 8 left in stock

60 Servings