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This is an over-simplification: during periods of stress, our brains will default to pre-programmed routines.

As humans, we can influence these routines, create new and useful routines.

For my children, I create routines that involve simple definitions and affirmations. For instance, I can ask them, “What’s the first rule of tools?” To this question and often in the midst of a mess they say, “Put them back where they go.”

What does this have to do with healing?

Sometimes, on a healing journey, your symptoms may flare, you may be overwhelmed by your therapies, by your diet, by you supplements. You might be going through a detox reaction or emotional release and in this stress your brain may fall back into old, unhelpful routines.

It takes courage to push past the routines, to push past the flare-ups, and into something greater.

So, where do you find this courage?

You find it in a routine YOU built specifically for this purpose. If you are into psychology, you might even call it an anchor.

I have taught my kids an anchor for stressful times when they may be paralyzed by fear, I ask them, “What’s courage?” And they tell me, “be scared but do it anyway.” Then, while they are getting tucked in and falling asleep, I whisper “you have courage in your heart.”

This is your whisper, “You have courage in your heart.”

Martin C. Hart, DC, NASM-CES

Chiropractic Physician

This is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition. Informational purposes only.

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